Employer/Payors/Industrial Medicine

Employer/ Payors/ Industrial Medicine

In addition to LaBorde Therapy Center's traditional Industrial Rehabilitation of Work Related injuries or conditions, we also offer the following services serving a variety of industries including Oilfield, Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, and Healthcare.

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Services Offered:

Post Offer Functional Testing - A physical therapy post-offer test involves taking the applicant's history, looking at his/her posture, and observing test movements to evaluate flexibility and strength. The applicant is furthermore assessed for neurological signs, has palpation to determine specific musculoskeletal abnormalities, and has a functional evaluation involving lifting, job specific testing, and back dynamometer tests to compare that individual's results to normal individuals of his/her age and weight. When necessary, LaBorde Therapy Center utilizes high tech, isokinetic computerized testing equipment to help discern the applicant's strength, range of motion, and endurance. With post-offer testing of this nature, it is possible to collect over 30 pieces of objective information related to the applicant's status prior to his employment.

Job Analyis and Ergonomic Assessment - Ergonomic analysis consists of the WorkSTEPS representative visiting job sites to perform hands-on evaluations of physical requirements of employees. This usually entails filming workers performing job tasks, photographing particular body positions/equipment used to perform job tasks, and physically measuring/weighing objects to make recommendations that could alleviate cumulative trauma and prevent injuries on the job site. Such evaluations are required by ADA law in order to perform post offer/post employment evaluations.

Functional Capacity Evaluation - LaBorde Therapy Center's focus is on Function and Return to Work - This is promoted through Occupational Therapists' Management of Clinic. The purpose of the functional capacity evaluation is to collect reliable information regarding current vocational status and estimate potential status, determine consistency of effort and employability, and case resolution. We measure the injured worker's ability to work from a perspective of strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, speed, impairment, and motivation with specialized Hand and upper extremity FCE and Drivers FCE are available.

  • Physical Demand Level A Physical Demand Level is determined on material and non-material handling abilities.
  • Material Handling This system is able to determine proper material handling at occasional, frequent, and constant levels.
  • Heart Rate Profile/ Fitness Profile The patient's heart rate is monitored through the test. It is used to determine the patient's level of fitness and competitive test performance.
  • Strength Percentage Profile The patient's strength is analyzed and then compared to NIOSH Norms of a healthy industrial database. A percentage is calculated that compares the patient's strength to this industrial database.
  • Fitness/ Strength Comparison The heart rate profile is compared to the strength profile. This allows the therapist to focus post-test recommendations.

Fit for Duty Testing - In addition to post-offer testings, companies who have saved the most dollars in preventive care programs have utilized post-employment/fit for duty tests. This service allows objective data to be collected to:

  1. Determine an employee's ability to continue to perform his job tasks safely.
  2. Identify cumulative trauma syndromes or disease processes which increase in incidence with aging.
  3. Establishes baseline data to qualify legitimate injuries and disqualify game players post-injury.
  4. Customized reporting is available.

Employee / Supervisor Training: Systematic Programs for the Prevention of Back, Neck and Ergonomic Issues. Separate seminars geared to employees and supervisors.

LaBorde Therapy Credentials/Certifications - for Industrial Medicine Services

  • WorkSteps - We are a certified WorkSteps provider for FCE's, Post Offer Functional Testing and Fit for Duty Testing. This lends credibility, and legal backing to our testing. This also connects your company to a huge network of providers throughout the United States who are able to provide unified testing for employees in a wide variety of locations. See their website for details - WorkSteps
  • IMPACC - We are a certified IMPACC provider for training to employers in the prevention of back, neck and ergonomic issues.

LaBorde Therapy Center accepts all self-funded Workers' Compensation plans, including but not limited to the following payors:

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