Aline Foot Inserts

What are Aline Foot Inserts?

Inserts that fit inside your shoe to align your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. This helps with foot, ankle, knee, hip, and spine issues that arise from miss aligned joints in your foot and ankle.

How is this different from other inserts?

Aline inserts are not orthotics that just keep your arch supported, but rather the inserts align the actual bones of your feet and allow your feet to walk as if you were walking barefoot. The Aline technology aligns the heel and forefoot, and allows the foot to supinate (outward role) and pronate (inward role) when you walk. Thus getting your foot back to normal biomechanics in a shoe. The unique design of the insert will support the heel and allow the forefoot to either supinate or pronate when needed while walking, running, or jogging.

How am I fitted for the correct insert?

The Aline system has a platform you stand on and a laser beam runs from the second toe through the knee to the hip. This will show the clinician and you if you are in alignment from the foot through the legs to the spine. Adjustments can be made on the platform to obtain the optimal position of your foot and ankle, which allows proper alignment up the chain to the head and shoulders.

Will this eliminate my pain?

Though not guaranteed we have seen patient’s ankle, knee, and back pain dissipate after a few day’s use.

Going forward how will my new inserts help?

The inserts allow your foot’s intrinsic muscles to strengthen and maintain the positions of the bones as if you were walking barefoot. This helps to regain the normal biomechanics of your foot and ankle which provides stability for the rest of the body. The foot and ankle are the foundation of your body. When the foundation is aligned then it allows the rest of your body to align.