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The Physical Therapy Staff of Laborde Therapy Center recently attended a continuing education course entitled Core Stability: Balls, Bands and Rollers. Kelly Ortego, PT and Arlene Millet, PTA were active participants in this course which is designed to incorporate the principals of Pilates, a type of body conditioning that utilizes stretching and strengthening exercises to enhance core stability. This type of training will help patients to improve muscle balance, gait, and body mechanics. The integration of stability ball, resistance band and foam roller all play an integral part in increasing balance, coordination and spinal stability. Inclusion of these Pilates based exercises will help Laborde Therapy patients return to full function quickly. Kelly Ortego, PT states, "With the prevalence of low back pain in the general population, Pilates based exercises are another avenue for patients to strengthen their core muscles and thereby alleviate their pain. We at LTC are committed to patient rehabilitation and an ongoing promotion of a more healthy lifestyle." The dedicated therapist at LTC continue to bring our patients the latest, most effective treatment protocols in order to promote a quick return to a healthy lifestyle.