Hip & Pelvis

  • Hip Pain

    Physical therapists (PTs) are experts in the art and science of the evaluation and treatment of human movement dysfunctions. We care for people of all ages and treat a variety of muscle, joint and neurological conditions.

    Conditions we have successfully treated:

    • Hip Pain
    • Arthritis*
    • Tendonitis
    • Groin Strain
    • Trochanteric Bursitis
    • Post Surgical Hip Replacement

    What are my treatment options?

    • Drugs
    • Epidural Injections
    • Surgery
    • Physical Therapy*

    Advantages of Physical Therapy:

    • No side effects.
    • Cost-effective.
    • Supported by clinical research.*
    • Customized to treat the underlying cause.

    Your Recovery Process:

    • Pain Relief
    • Recovery of Any Lost Hip Range of Motion
    • Increased Strength
    • Recovery of Walking and Functional Skills
    • Independent Care

    Components of Your Care:

    • A thorough biomechanical evaluation.
    • Extensive patient education.
    • A customized treatment plan.
    • Gentle hands-on techniques to relax the muscles.
    • Effective joint mobilization techniques to decrease stiffness.
    • Pain-relieving modalities such as ice, heat, ultrasound or electrical stimulation.
    • Targeted stretching for tight muscles.
    • Walking, stair climbing, sit-to-stand retraining.
    • Balance exercises.

    Everyone is different. You may require one or two visits, or an extended care plan over several weeks or months. If you’re ready for relief, and tired of “masking” your pain, treat the cause, not just the symptoms!

    * Cited from the academic journal, Physical Therapy, 2005, pp. 907 – 971.

  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation – Men’s & Women’s Health Treatment

    Are You Suffering in Silence?

    Many women have unique pelvic floor conditions that significantly impact their lives and don’t know where to turn. In many cases there is a solution.


    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction occurs when the muscles and connective tissue (ligaments) of the pelvic floor cannot coordinate function by being either too tight (hypertone) or too loose (flaccid). This can lead to issues such as incontinence-, leaking urine especially when coughing, sneezing, laughing, squatting or running, unable to perform sexually, constipation, failing to reach the toilet in time, frequent urinating, passing gas consistently from vagina or anus when bending forward, reduced sensation in the vagina and can also cause pelvic floor pain.

    Our Physical Therapists Specialize in Private & Personalized Pelvic Floor Treatment for Men & Women

    Our experts have helped many women with pelvic pain and dysfunction by implementing our unique treatment methodology of:

    • Patient education,
    • Manual techniques,
    • Therapeutic exercise, and
    • Various modalities

    A comprehensive and personalized approach helps our patients achieve fast and long-lasting results.

    We understand and have successfully treated a variety of pelvic floor conditions affecting women. We specialize in the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the following:

    • Pelvic Pain/ Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
    • Abdominal Adhesions/ Pain
    • Chronic Low Back Pain/ Sciatica
    • Coccydenia (Tailbone Pain)
    • Dyspareunia (Painful Intercourse)
    • Interstitial Cystitis
    • Piriformis Syndrome
    • Vulvodynia, Vestibulitis, Vaginismus
    • Pre-Natal/Post Natal Care
    • Back Pain
    • Bladder Dysfunction
    • C-Section/ Episiotomy Scar Pain
    • Hip Pain
    • Piriformis Syndrome
    • Sciatica
    • Tailbone Pain
    • Bladder Dysfunction
    • Urinary Frequency/ Urgency/ Incontinence
    • Urinary Retention

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