Pre & Postnatal Pain

Being pregnant is a wonderful blessing and a beautiful experience. Sometimes, our bodies have difficulty adjusting to its new role and may need a little assistance in keeping your body in its proper working alignment and condition. We are willing to help you through this exciting time of your life with as little pain as possible.

You May Be Experiencing:

  • Lower back pain
  • Difficulty with sitting
  • Pain radiating down your leg
  • Difficulty with transitions: Rolling over, standing, and walking
  • Sore and tired muscles
  • Hip pain
  • Heavy legs

The Anatomy of the Pregnant Woman

The pelvic girdle or region consists of the pelvis and the sacrum. These bones are attached by ligaments and muscles that are working hard to hold these joints together and in line. They come together in the low back area to form the sacroiliac joints, or SI joints. Your new baby along with your pelvic organs, rest within the pelvic girdle.

The Pelvis and Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body begins to produce a hormone to release the ligaments and tendons and allow the pelvis to move and allow your baby to grow. Unfortunately, the extra pressures on your pelvis may cause it to shift and as a result, place your muscles in positions that may strain them.
These muscles may sometimes tighten up more than normal and can then cause your pelvis to move with less stability than before resulting in more pain in your back, buttocks, hips, and legs.

What Can we do to Help?

As Physical Therapists, we have been trained to treat your problems specifically using your muscles to re-align your pelvis. You will learn how to use the core muscles within your pelvis to maintain your proper body alignment. You will learn how to become immediately aware of your body if it becomes out of alignment. You will learn how to use self-mobilization to correct your pelvic alignment.

Back Pain

Our therapists help to relieve upper and lower back pain brought on by changes that occur during pregnancy. Our treatment consists of education in proper posture and body mechanics, manual techniques, exercises to increase and balance strength, and comfortable positions to relieve pain.

Aggravation of Previous Orthopedic Problems

The aggravated area will be thoroughly evaluated by a therapist as it relates to the pregnancy. The proper treatment plan will be personalized according to the your needs

Attainable Fitness Goals

  • Maintain level of fitness
  • Improve muscular strength
  • Prepare body for stress of labor and delivery
  • Improve posture

Clothing Considerations

  • Proper supportive footwear a half-size larger than pre-pregnancy size
  • Clothes that allow freedom of movement
  • Cotton socks and leotards
  • Support hose
  • Support bras for comfort
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